Rising Conflicts Expected to Lead Remote Weapon Station Market to a High Growth in the Coming Years

Remote weapon station (RWS), as the name suggests, is a remotely-controlled weapon station basically made for light and medium caliber weapons that can [...]

Ground Support Equipment Market Foresees Good Growth in the Coming Years due to Rise in Air Travel

Ground support equipment, mainly used for transporting passengers as well as baggage and freight, maintenance support, and repair functions, help in minimizing [...]

Increasing Global Disputes Propelling the Growth of Electronic Warfare Market

Over a passage of time, electronic warfare has become an essential part of war situations such as political conflicts, territorial disputes, and cold wars, [...]

Small Satellite Market Foresees Big Future Ahead

Usually of low mass and size and weight under 500 kg, small satellites were basically introduced into the world in order to minimize the cost of overall [...]

Airport Full Body Scanners Market to Gain Stronger Hold in the Years to Come

Full body scanners are an emerging and a revolutionary concept under development due to the increased need for security at the airports because of the [...]

Non-Destructive Testing: A Step Towards Curing Disasters

1      Foreword NDT is a powerful and most cost effective means of detecting flaws in objects without disturbing their operational utility. [...]

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Market Expanding at a Steady Pace

Unmanned surface vehicles (USV), as the name suggests, is a vehicle that operates on the surface of the water without any human presence on it. They are [...]

Non-Lethal Weapons Market Emerging as a Key Area for Law Enforcement and Defense Sectors

Non-lethal weapons, also called as less lethal weapons, less-than-lethal weapons, non-deadly weapons, or pain-inducing weapons, are specially designed [...]

Impressive Growth Opportunities Hovering Over the Global Aerostat Systems Market

An aerostat system is a lighter-than-air platform or aerodynamic balloon that is tied to the ground cables for providing necessary information to the ground [...]

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) Market Set to Flourish in Africa and Latin America

Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), also known as underwater drones, are vehicles that operate underwater without any direct human input. They are basically [...]