Activated Carbon Market: Products & Applications – Global Forecast(2011 – 2016)

The report covers the major activated carbon market which includes primarily powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon segments. It also studies other activated carbon such as pellet activated carbon, bead activated carbon, and impregnated carbon. The report analyses the market for activated carbon with respect to market drivers, opportunities, and winning imperatives related to the industry.

The qualitative analysis of activated carbon with respect to its characteristics, process of production, and regeneration is done in an elaborative manner. Activated carbon market has been gaining importance with its major application in the areas of water treatment and air purification; the duo being its major end use.

Activated Carbon Market

Published: April 2012

No. of Pages: 237

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Regulatory authorities implying directives for mercury removal in power plant has led to a fast growth and acceptance of activated carbon products. Regulations are being implemented in the regions of Europe and U.S. at a significant pace and are also gaining importance in Asian regions as well. The policies and regulation implied by different authorities for supporting activated carbon production are also discussed in the study.

Activated carbon is also analyzed with respect to the value chain which starts from the raw materials used for the manufacturing followed by activated carbon’s product forms, distribution network, end usage, and sales services. Import and export of activated carbon has been gaining importance with its increasing demand. The Asian countries are one of the key exporters of activated carbon in dominating markets of U.S. It becomes vital to study about the countries which export activated carbon to big markets such as U.S. and which have become favorites for the past few years. The report studies the export scenario of Asian market from global as well as U.S. perspective. It also focuses on the U.S. imports which give an idea about the countries which are exporting activated carbon to the biggest activated carbon market.

The major raw materials used for the activated carbon production are coal, wood, coconut shells, and lignite. The report gives a qualitative analysis about these materials with respect to their characteristics and applications. It also explains the factors on the basis of which the raw material selection is done. Market share analysis along with analysis of patent for the last 5 years is also done in the market study.

The key segments for activated carbon market are powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon. The reports studies these segments with respect to its value ($million) and volume (thousand metric tons). The study is done considering the demand for these materials in different regions including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (ROW). Qualitatively, the products including powdered activated carbon, granular activated carbon, and pelletized activated carbon are studied with respect to their individual applications.

Based on the applications, the global activated carbon market is segmented as liquid phase and gas phase end uses. Liquid phase application has major market with the applications segments as water treatment is a key application within the liquid phase. Within the gas phase application segment, air purification has the major market. The report covers the volume market size of these applications which gives a picture about the dominating application segment within the global activated carbon market.

The global activated carbon market is also segmented with respect to different regions including North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW. The study analyzes the market for these regions as well and gives value and volume for different product types. It also gives an idea about the key players in each geography for representing a competitive environment in the regional markets.

The report also presents a competitive landscape which covers different strategies and developments which the activated carbon companies have done in the past few years. Furthermore, different market participants within the activated carbon market are also profiled in the report. This gives details about the company which include company overview, financial details, products, strategy, and recent developments.

Scope of the report

The report segments the global activated carbon market as:

On the basis of products:

  • Powdered activated carbon
  • Granular activated carbon
  • Other activated carbon

On the basis of applications:

  • Liquid phase
    • Water treatment
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • Gas phase
    • Automotive
    • Industrial

On the basis of geography:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • ROW