Aerospace Telemetry Market Overview – Challenges and Opportunities

Telemetry is an innovative method of measuring data transmitted from remote, inaccessible and hard to reach points. This is a commonly used method of automated communications. Along with the wireless communication mechanisms like radio, infrared systems and ultrasonic waves, telemetry also works through wired mechanisms like computer and telephone networks and optical links. With advanced applications of these technologies, this technology is also reducing the research and development time required for aerospace activities. The global aerospace telemetry market is gaining strength from the newly developing applications of telemetry. Rising adoption and innovative applications are also giving hope of growth for the global industry.

Aerospace Telemetry Industry Trends

The field of aerospace telemetry dates back to the 30’s, where this technology was used for measuring meteorological data like barometric pressure, temperature and humidity. The technology evolved with the passing time and technological advancements. Today, aerospace telemetry has become a vital element of the global telemetry industry. Launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik was the first attempt of using telemetry for rockets and satellites. Since then, the technology is making waves for aerospace and various other industries alike

General segmentation in the aerospace telemetry market is based on the applications and geographic regions of the world. Demand from various countries is also taken into consideration for detailed analysis of the prevailing market trends, drivers, restrains and opportunities for business development and growth on global platform. Currently, satellite telemetry systems, management information solutions, and radio telemetry are the major applications of this technology. Growing demand for gathering information and warfare strategizing are crucial drivers for the industry.

Growth within various emerging markets also play crucial role in the development of aerospace telemetry in terms of revenue and global presence. Growth within emerging economies like BRICS, Israel, Australia, and such regions are creating exciting opportunities for the industry. India, Brazil and Russia are looking more attractive markets, while China remains the tough market to crack for new entrants. All these factors influence the overall growth of the industry.

According to the expert analysis about the global aerospace telemetry market, the industry is poised to grow at a CAGR of 1.7% from 2014 to 2019. At this slow yet steady CAGR, the industry will jump from $17.01 billion in 2014 to become worth more than $18.53 billion by the end of 2019. United States of America and United Kingdom are expected to be biggest geographic segments of the global industry.