Steady Growth in Battle Management market – The Reasons

Battle management systems provide commanders with a comprehensive view of the battlefield. These rule-based systems provide situational awareness, automated recommendations, and target analysis for target engagement. Major purpose of battlefield management systems is to ensure survivability and real-time location information of the troops and the battlefield. The global battle management market is basically driven by the steady demand for these systems from across the world. Changing demand pattern from the developing countries also have created strong growth prospects for the industry. Changing technology is also a major factor for the continual growth of the industry.

Segmentation and Trends and Forecasting

In order to understand the basic trends, drivers, companies, challenges, opportunities and threats within the industry, researchers have divided it into various segments. These segments are based on the types of platforms, applications, stakeholders, and geographic demand. Apart from the major geographic regions, the industry is also studied based on the demand recorded from across different countries. Based on the types of platforms, the battle management market is segmented into land-based, naval-based, and airborne systems. Applications of these systems include commander systems, tracked and armored vehicles, dismounted soldier system, BMS software systems, and communication network systems.

Stakeholders within the industry include armed services, air force, and navy, application developers, government bodies, defense system manufacturers and software providers. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa are major geographic regions. These regions are segmented further based on the countries like Australia, India, China, Japan, US, South Korea, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia, UAE, South Africa, and Israel. Detailed analysis of all these segments provide valuable information about the prevailing industry trends and expected performance of the global industry.

As mentioned previously, the basic purpose of battle management systems is to ensure survivability of the military troops. It also provides valuable assistance in the battlefield by maintaining real-time tactical information. Increasing threats to the global powers and countries are expected to be a major driving factor for the global battle management market. Growing rate of adoption and advancing technology within the industry is also a strong factor in determination of the current trends in the industry. Increasing awareness and involvement of the emerging countries also drive the market.

According to the market research reports, the global battle management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 4% to reach $12.6 billion by 2019, which was poised at $10.36 billion in 2014. United States and United Kingdom are the major geographic regions within the market. However, the onset of austerity associated with depreciating military budgets is a major cause of concern for the industry components.