Bottled Water Market is Projected to Witness High Growth in Asia Pacific by 2023

The bottled water processing market is estimated to account for about USD 211.61 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach a value of about USD 315.96 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 8.3%. The increase in demand for packaged drinking water in the Asia Pacific region has played a considerable role in the bottled water processing market. As a result of the growing demand for potable water, bottled water processing equipment manufacturers are opting for membrane filtration technologies, to eliminate unwanted elements from water and to enhance the quality and shelf-life of drinking bottled water.

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Rising incomes, consumer awareness about the hygiene and quality of the product they consume, and rise in convenience needs are some of the factors that are responsible for the increase in the consumption of bottled water in the Asia Pacific region. The consumers in the region are looking forward to the consumption of nutritional and flavored water, which can help to add to their nutritional intake.

Thus, the rising population in this region has increased the usage of natural resources such as water, thereby, leading to the need for wastewater treatment and water desalination processes. Countries such as India and China, with more than 2.77 billion inhabitants, carry a huge burden of its natural resources, especially water. A majority of the water resources in these countries are contaminated by sewage, agricultural runoff, and industrial chemicals. Establishing and promoting cost-effective membrane filtration products would create substantial opportunities for global bottled water processing companies in this region. For instance, foreign enterprises are helping the local governments in setting up new desalination plants. In September 2018, the Water Treatment Systems of Toray Industries Inc. (Japan) and Dotcome (Japan) have partnered with the Andhra Pradesh government for setting up the desalination project, which can help in the water-related challenges in India.

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Key players are DowDupont (US), GEA (Germany), Alfa Laval (Sweden), the 3M Company (US), Lenntech B.V. (South Holland), Suez (US), Pall Corporation (US); and prominent players in the global bottled water market including Nestlé (Switzerland), PepsiCo (US), Coca-Cola (US), Danone (France), and Tata Global Beverages (India).