Brushless DC Motor Market: Increased Global Demand for Brushless DC Motors to use in various industries Fueling Market Growth

Brushless DC Motor Market

The global Brushless DC Motor Market size is expected to grow from an estimated USD 9.6 billion in 2020 to USD 15.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 9.5%, during the forecast period. The market is set to witness growth due to increasing industrial applications of these motors and surging adoption of brushless DC motors in HVAC, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.

The inner rotor segment is the largest contributor in the Brushless DC Motor Market.

In inner rotor type motors, rotors are positioned at the center of motors and are surrounded by stator winding. Since rotors are located in the middle, rotor magnets prevent heat insulation from penetrating inside, and as such, the heat gets dissipated easily. This leads to the production of a large amount of torque by inner rotor brushless DC motors. These motors are used in manufacturing, automotive, and consumer electronics industries for robotics, CNC machine, automatic door opener, and metal cutting and forming machine applications. These applications require motors that can carry out the fast acceleration and deceleration of speed, offer high starting torque, have reversible action capability, and are compact. According to the IEA, EV Outlook 2020, the global sales of electric cars reached 2 million in 2019, that was 40% higher than the car sales of 2018. This indicates the trend of increased demand for electric vehicles and their accelerated manufacturing in coming years.

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The consumer electronics segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, the global industrial manufacturing has been undergoing significant changes. Digitalization of data, automation of machines, and connectivity among assets in manufacturing facilities are fueling the evolution of technological infrastructures. The growing competition in the consumer electronics industry is driving companies to adopt innovative technologies and analyses to ensure the optimum utilization of their resources. The automated electronics deployed in industrial manufacturing facilities require a continuous power supply for their operations. As such, they use batteries and nanomaterials. Brushless DC motors are widely used in office equipment, such as printing machines, electric curtains, fax machines, and copiers, and also in high-end home appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, DVD players, and air purifiers. They are also gaining traction in commercial, as well as domestic refrigeration and air conditioning appliances. Outer rotor brushless DC motors are mainly used in cooling fans in computers and servers, while spindle motors are used in hard disk drives. These consumer electronics require electric motors for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.  

By speed, the 2,001-10,000 RPM segment is expected to be the largest contributor.

Brushless DC motors with speed ranging from 2,001 to 10,000 RPM are widely used in medical equipment such as gas analyzer membrane pumps, dental instruments, pumps, anesthesia ventilators, and breathing system pumps. They are also used in industrial applications such as laser scanning instruments, industrial laser bar code readers, CNC machine spindle rotors, and industrial automation actuators. These motors are also used in home appliances, traction motors, solar pump DC systems, and bus A/C systems.

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Asia Pacific is expected to account for the largest market size Brushless DC Motor.

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the Brushless DC Motor Market during the forecast period as the region is hub for manufacturing electronics components and devices corresponding to various industries. In addition, the region has also been witnessing high investments for manufacturing electric vehicle components, majorly batteries systems.  The figure below shows the projected market sizes of various regions with respective CAGRs for 2025.

AMETEK (US), Allied Motion (US), Nidec Corporation (Japan), Johnson Electric (China), and MinebeaMitsumi (Japan) are the leading players in the Brushless DC Motor Market. Maxon Motor (Switzerland), Regal Beloit Corporation (US), Oriental Motor (Japan), Portescap (US), and ElectroCraft(US) are other players operating in the market are the leading players in the global Brushless DC Motor Market.