Busy Accounting Software – Best Suitable for Small & Micro Businesses


It is integrated Accounting Software that can be incorporated in Medium-sized, Small, and Micro Businesses. It can be used by organizations such as agencies, start-ups, Government PSUs, enterprises, SMEs, and more. It helps business personnel to manage various companies with only one license without interfering with one another. Businesses who are conducting transactions with international customers can make use of accurate forex conversions through this software. This software is an end-to-end accounting solution offering inventory accounting, VAT accounting, financial accounting, GST invoicing, and MIS Reporting.

Busy Accounting Software USP:

Whether a small or medium-sized business, incorporating Busy software in an organization can be highly useful for managing inventory, tracking expenses, and creating invoices. It allows SMEs across industry verticals, geographies, and customer divisions like service, distribution, manufacturing, trading, FMGC by providing help to manage the business efficiently. Busy pricing is also affordable.

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Get Invoicing and Sales Transactions
 Prepare bills in accordance with GST regulations without facing any hassle. Businesses can also modify the GST rates.
# Automate the entire transaction process and manage every sales transaction seamlessly to save effort and time.

Regulate Multi-branch activities
 Keep track of work activities happening in multiple branches and generate branch-wise analysis and report.
# Customize branch reports to follow the accurate management of transactions and expenditures.

Document and Customer Management
 Save important documents, reports, and information for future reconciliatory and audit purposes while the system automatically cross-checks the entire work-flow.
# Provide quick solutions in a short span to customers using efficient customer management facilities.

TCS/TDS Management
 Automate TCS and TDS Tax fillings along with client payments to never miss any tax payment and manage overall business finances at reasonable costs.
# Automatically reconcile with multiple banks and save necessary details for seamless and hassle-free transactions.

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