Factors Driving Cell Analysis Market at Steady CAGR Post 2014

Cell is the most complex and dynamic system. The components and functions of this system keep changing on a regular basis. Detailed analysis of these cells is vital for addressing their various issues. Single cell analysis, signaling, proliferation, viability, and structural study have become some of the regular practices in the cell biology sector. The global cell analysis market is witnessing healthy growth since the past few years. The basic reason for this is the rising instances of chronic diseases and disorders across the world. In order to find better prevention to these health conditions, researchers are keen on running more analytical projects. Geographic reach of the industry is also a contributing factor to this rise.

Scope of Research in Cell Analysis Industry

Cell biology is a diverse area of analysis, which is gaining rapid momentum with the constantly evolving technology and innovative techniques in finding solutions to different health issues. The global cell analysis market has been witnessing steady surge in terms of applications, research, and growth and revenue channels across the globe. In order to understand the basic trends, growth factors, competitive aspects and opportunities in the industry, the researchers have created a broader segmentation of this industry. The basic industrial segmentation is done on the basis of the types, applications, end-users and geographic regions. Following are the details of the same:

  • Types: Microscope, cell counting instrument, instruments, high content screening, flow cytometry, spectrophotometer, consumables, qRT-PCR, microfluidics, microplates, cell microarray, assay kits, reagents, and so on
  • Applications: Cell viability, identification, interaction, proliferation, structure study (cytology), signaling pathway, and quality control and counting, signal transduction, single cell analysis and target identification
  • End-User: Contract research organizations (CROs), biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research institutes, academics, laboratories, clinics, and other end users
  • Geography: Europe, North America, rest of the world and Asia Pacific. The rest of the world region includes elaborate study of Middle East, Africa and Latin America

Trends, Drivers and Forecasts

The global cell analysis market is expected to maintain a healthy CAGR of over 6% from 2013 to 2018. At the estimated compound annual growth rate, the industry is expected to reach up to $23.0 billion by the end of the year 2018, from $16.7 billion in 2013. The major growth factors for the industry include growth in the instances of cancer and such other chronic diseases and disorders, rising investments in terms of government funding, corporate investments, introduction of enhanced informatics and improvements in the image analysis products, growth in healthcare and medical research spending, growing research activities and so on. Significant hindrances for the industry include time consuming formalities and complex regulatory standards and expensive cell analysis systems.