Chiral Chromatography Columns Market Driven by Futuristic Opportunities – An Overview

Column chromatography is used for the purpose of purification of chemical compounds from different mixtures of compounds. Chiral columns chromatography uses a single enantiomer instead of achiral. Different types of chiral compounds are used for different types of analytes. These methods are commonly known to be more expensive than their achiral counterparts. The global chiral chromatography columns market is expected to maintain healthy growth in the coming few years. This growth is strongly driven by the rising demand and technological advancements in the global industry. Steady rise in demand from the emerging regions of the world are also presenting vital business opportunities for the existing players in the market.

Major Market Drivers

According to the experts, the global chiral chromatography columns market is strongly driven by the steady rise in demand from around the world. This rise in demand is triggered by advancements in the instrument technology and rising government investments in the research and development of the chromatography techniques. Apart from that, increasing importance of these techniques in the fields of pharmaceuticals, drug discovery and drug approvals are also expected to help the market gain business around the world. Strong tie-ups with global academic institutes and research laboratories are also expected to provide vital business traction in the market during the next few years. Major restraining factors for the market include dearth of skilled professionals and high cost of the instruments used in column chromatography.

Segmentation in Chiral Column Chromatography Market

Researchers segment the global market into different sub-segments on the basis of the types, applications, end-users, and geographic regions. The types of these instruments are mainly segmented into empty columns and pre-packed columns. Basic sub-segments of the pre-packed columns include preparative and analytical columns. Basic applications are divided into thin layer (TLC), gas (GC), supercritical fluid (SFC) and liquid (LC) chromatography. Basic end-users in the chiral chromatography columns market include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, government, research institutes, academics, environmental agencies, hospitals, clinics, nutraceutical companies and others. Geographic regions of the market include Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and rest of the world.

Opportunities & Forecasts

The global market is aiming at steady rise in demand with strong growth opportunities from green chromatography and solid growth in the proteomics market. As a result, despite the challenges like new product launches, the manufacturers in the market are aiming at steady growth in the next few years. According to the latest research reports, the chiral chromatography columns market is expected to maintain a steady CAGR of over 5%, during the next few years. During the forecasting period, the industry is anticipated to become worth $87.8 million by the end of the year 2018.