CoreHR – A User Friendly & Affordable Human Resource Software


CoreHR is a Software As A Service (SAAS) HR and payroll software. The software helps the team leaders to get a clear view of what is going in their company and what should be done to make the employee more efficient. CoreHR has been providing HR and Payroll solutions to the world’s most successful companies like PepsiCo, DHL, Amgen, etc.


The USP of CoreHR is the best HR software in affordable pricing, user-friendly interface, and live track of the employee’s performance. It divides the payroll management into 3 simple steps. The software increases organizational efficiencies with fewer HR transactions and reduced expenses. This causes a smooth workflow and thus making this software one of the greatest choices among huge businesses and companies.

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CoreHR Features

CoreHR offers various outstanding features that help the user work seamlessly:

Quick setup of Payroll
 Allows the user to set up the application within an hour of the install.
# Integrate Payroll, skills and expense management easily.

Increasing accountability
 Allows the user to acquire and reimburse expenses online.
# Saves time of the employees with the increased accuracy and driven accountability.

Workforce management
 Provides a real-time view of the employees and helps understand the people resources within your business.
# Eliminates duplication and provides accurate employee records.

Service Delivery
 Provide 24/7 HR self-service, which optimizes employee experience making it more consistent.
# Reduces the cost of HR Operations.

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CoreHR Pricing:

CoreHR Pricing information has not been provided for this product. To get the information regarding CoreHR pricing, one needs to contact the company. Many software vendors and service providers commonly follow this practice of CoreHR Pricing where the user can request a quote by filling in personal and usage details.

CoreHR Demo:

The demo can be booked at the CoreHR official website. The demo includes a tailored walkthrough of the product and an illustration of how the software can make problem-solving easier. It also includes a live question-answer session with the CoreHR expert.

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