Latest Innovation in Global Eggshell Membrane Market

The global eggshell membrane market size is estimated to be valued at USD 95 million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 169 million by 2025, recording a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period. The increase in awareness on the eggshell membrane in preventive health and skincare measures and its rising applications in an array of industries across the globe is projected to drive the growth of the eggshell membrane market in the coming years.

Eggshell membrane is a unique biomaterial, which is generally considered a waste. Thus, to utilize the waste into a useful nutraceutical ingredient, eggshell membrane powder is used across industries. Eggshell membrane collected from the egg processors has recently gained traction due to its applications in industries, such as nutraceuticals, food & beverages, cosmetics & personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and others, which include pet foods and biomaterial applications.

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Eggshell membrane derivatives are becoming a healthier and sustainable solution for consumers of dietary supplements. This is due to the increase in arthritis cases, as it is mainly consumed to treat joint health problems. In addition, the market growth is also driven by factors, such as the increase in demand for eggshell membrane in cosmetic & personal care applications and research & development in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

The capsules segment dominated the eggshell membrane market in 2019, accounting for a major share. With the majority of the key players supplying capsules of eggshell membrane its rising use as nutraceuticals, the demand for eggshell membranes is projected to remain high. In addition, the acceptance of capsules among consumers remains high as compared to tablets.

The nutraceuticals segment accounted for the largest share in the eggshell membrane market. This is attributed to the increase in the prevention and treatment of various joint-related diseases. Moreover, it is increasingly affordable as compared to the other alternatives available in the market. In addition, the food & beverage segment is projected to grow at a higher rate due to the increase in awareness among consumers regarding the properties of the eggshell membrane and the rise in consumption of healthy foods & beverages.

The eggshell membrane market is projected to witness significant demand in different countries, such as the US, China, Germany, and France, due to the rise in the consumption of nutraceuticals. The population is inclined toward a healthier lifestyle and is increasingly consuming dietary supplements in their daily diets. Dietary ingredients include vitamins, minerals, amino acid, herbs & botanicals, as well as other substances, which can be consumed in supplementary diets. Moreover, the rise in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) cases has also contributed to the market growth. However, international standards and regulations set for processing and consumption of eggshell membranes and the increase in preference for vegan and vegetarian diets are key challenges inhibiting the market growth.

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Key vendors operating in this market include Stratum Nutrition (US), Biova LLC (US), Eggnovo (Spain), Ecovatec (Canada), and Microcore Research Labs (India). Key market players and the other players have adopted business strategies, such as agreements, and are focusing on undertaking product differentiations in the last few years to cater to the increase in demand for eggshell membrane, globally.