Float Project Management Tool Offers Interesting Video Services for Companies


Float is a tool for the preparation of visual services for companies, studios and firms. Since 2012, Float has helped companies like RGA, VICE, Deloitte, and Buzzfeed organize their ventures and internationally arrange the time of their employees. Float makes resources management visual and simple with an easy to use, intuitive Gui, drag and drop features, keyboard shortcuts, and powerful editing tools.

Float Project Management USP:

Float allows the top teams, including Bloomberg, Havas, and Ogilvy, to handle their staff and personnel planning. Assign and execute tasks with ease with a clear view of the workload of every staff. Get live alerts and monitor the availability of services, including sick leave, paid leave and public holidays. Float simplifies the team programming through drag-and-drop features, customizable search, and filters.

Float Pricing

The price of Float starts at per user per month. Users get unlimited resource planning with this subscription.

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Float Demo

Float provides 30 days free trial. Users can use this application for up to 30 days and see if Float is right for them. Users will have access to all the great features, and can at any time switch to a paid subscription without losing any of the information.

Float Features:

Scheduling of Resources: Provides Scheduling tasks and time off with a single-click where the user can set the hours, project name that is assigned to the team member. Tracking the changes that happen can be viewed from the activity feed which helps to keep track of the changes that happen.

Managing the Teamwork: Organizing the team by adding job titles, departments, and their skills which help to search the user quickly when needed. Managing the availability of the team and assigning the work based on the team’s capacity.

Forecasting and Reporting: Allows the user to add the project budget and costs so that the progress can be tracked. Tracking time, user can log hours to view the full picture based on the scheduled tasks. Users can plan the ventures more accurately by matching the planned with actual ones.

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