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Aerogel is solid foam which consists of around 98% air. Aerogels are usually classified into four categories: Silica, Carbon, Metal oxide and Organic aerogels. They are also commonly known as ‘blue smoke’. Compared to conventional insulating materials such as glass wool, rock wool, stone wool, EPS, XPS etc., aerogel shows superior thermal properties. In addition, in the building insulation industry aerogel helps in space-saving which is a major advantage.

However, the high price of aerogel is inhibiting its widespread use. Certain high-end technical processes such as supercritical drying contribute to the high final costs. Many companies are currently looking for ways to drastically reduce the cost of manufacturing of aerogel.

Currently, North American companies dominate the global aerogel market. There is also increased activity in Europe. In contrast, the Asian market is still in its infancy due to lack of technical know-how. However, aerogel production in Asia is expected to take off in the near future thanks to the growing demand and wide applications of this material.

This report estimates aerogel market size in terms of volume and value. Market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities have been discussed in detail. Market players have been discussed and profiles of leading players including Aspen Aerogels (U.S.), Cabot Corporation (U.S.), and American Aerogel (U.S.).

Markets covered:

This Global Aerogel market research report categorizes the market for aerogel on the basis of geography and application. It analyzes trends in each of the following submarkets:

On the basis of geography:

This report covers North America (U.S.), Europe (Germany, Sweden and Spain), and Asia (China and Malaysia).

On the basis of application:

The market has been further segmented on the basis of applications (building insulation, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, and others).

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