Global Biopesticides Market (2012-2017): Shifting Trends in Agrochemical Industry

Biopesticides [ ] are non toxic and naturally occurring substances that help to control pests. The usage of biopesticides is growing worldwide at an impressive rate of 20% as they are now considered a viable alternative for chemical pesticides. Increasing concerns about environment pollution and toxic residual effects of chemical pesticides are driving the demand for biopesticides. Major global agrochemical companies such as Dow Agrochemicals are investing in the development of biopesticide products. At present, biopesticides cover more than 2% of the global pesticides market and their share is expected to increase tremendously in the next five years. Under this research; global biopesticides market is forecasted for 2012 – 2017 on the basis of products and geographies along with emerging trends and winning imperative analysis.

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