Breathable Membranes Market – Global Forecasts To 2021


New product launches, expansions, and mergers & acquisitions were the key strategies adopted by the industry players to achieve growth in the breathable membranes market between 2012 and 2016. Increasing awareness for safeguarding building materials from ingress of rain water, dust particles, and snow along with need for improving the thermal efficiency of the building has led the construction industry to focus on breathable membranes, thus leading to a rise in its demand. These aspects have encouraged companies to adopt strategies such as new product launches, expansions, and mergers & acquisitions. Some of the key players, such as E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (U.S.), Soprema (France), GAF Material Corporation (U.S.), Cosella-Dorken (Canada), Saint Gobain SA (France), and Kingspan Group PLC (Ireland), have adopted these strategies to develop their businesses, globally.

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DuPont is one of the major players in breathable membrane market. The company’s wide range of business segment provides an added advantage to the company’s profit margin, which enables the company to compensate the loss from low performing business segment and invest strategic expansion and R&D activities. The protection solutions business segment of the company earned about 22% of its revenue in 2015 from the construction industry and is planning to invest in the future with growth initiatives such as solutions for water management in agriculture, protection of perishable and temperature-sensitive food, and pharmaceutical products. The company follows growth strategies such capacity expansions to support growing demand, improve product cost competitiveness, and product portfolio for new applications by investing in R&D activities to cater the market. Merging with The Dow Chemical Company by 2017, will enable the company to develop focused business with powerful innovation capabilities, enhance its product portfolios, focus in its capital allocation, and gives a distinct competitive position with respective to other competitors.

GAF Material Corporation is another major player in the breathable membranes market in North America. The company acquired Icopal (U.K.), in 2016, a leading pan-European manufacturer of roofing and other waterproofing products. This transaction is a transformative step that will provide GAF with the preeminent platform for growth in roofing on both sides of the Atlantic. The company’s business strategy mainly revolves around its targets for increasing global footprint, delivering revenues, and launching innovative solutions by its products. As a part of its growth strategy, the company plans to establish new production facilities and expand its existing plant capacities which may enable the company to bag the opportunities in the highly growing breathable membranes market.

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Apart from the abovementioned market players, Soprema (France), Cosella-Dorken (Canada), Saint Gobain SA (France), and Kingspan Group PLC (Ireland) are the other important players in this market.