Human Microbiome Market Driven by Emerging Applications Fields – An Overview

Human microbiome or microbiota like fungi, bacteria, archaea and others resides on human body parts like surface and deep layers of skin, gastrointestinal tract, conjunctiva, etc. When their number grows beyond the typical range several normal physiological functions are disturbed. Growing instances of diseases, unhealthy lifestyle and growth in the instances of autoimmune disorders are expected to create strong rise in demand for the human microbiome market. Growing applications in the fields of therapeutics and diagnostics are also expected to create strong demand for the overall global industry. According to the experts, technological advancements are also expected to play a crucial role in the overall development of the market, which is a great sign for the potential investments.

Segmentation in Human Microbiome Industry

The global human microbiome market is segmented on the basis of the basic components like the products, their applications and types of diseases. The market is also categorized based on their geographic demand around the world. The products in the market are sub-segmented into prebiotics, probiotics, medical foods, foods, devices, drugs, and other supplements. The basic applications of these products are divided into diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Different diseases treated by these products are sub-categorized into mental disorders, cancer, obesity, diabetes, acute diarrhea, autoimmune disorders, and other diseases like immune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndromes, and skin and blood diseases. Based on geographic regions, the industry is also categorized into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa, which comprise of the rest of the world region.

Drivers & Restraints for the Market

According to the experts, the global human microbiome market is steadily driven by the driving factors like emerging applications fiends, growing demand for early disease detection, increasing awareness, and new validated targets for drug developments. Emerging markets like human microbiome therapy are expected to drive the global market at steady rate. Validation of new chemical entities is also expected to play vital role in the overall market. Joint ventures, mergers and partnerships between small and large players are also expected to play key role in the market. Major restraints for the market include lack of detailed research to assist the market pull. However, rising demand for faecal microbiota is expected to provide the required traction for the global market.

Growth Prospects

As per the researchers, the global human microbiome market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 22% during the next few years. Researchers suggest that the global market is estimated to become worth $294 million by the end of the year 2019. Growing instances of unhealthy lifestyle, autoimmune diseases, and growing demand are expected to drive the demand in the global market. Europe is expected to possess largest market share during the next few years to come. High acceptance of the products like prebiotics and probiotics is expected to help the region to make healthy growth in the global industry.