Major Players in the Tartaric Acid Market | ADM (US) | Merck (Germany)

The tartaric acid market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.77% from 2017 to 2022. Factors such as the growing wine industry due to increase in consumption, mainly in the Asia Pacific, and South American countries considered in RoW, contribute toward the tartaric acid market growth. Tartaric acid content in wine is the maximum among other beverages, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

The key market players have adopted strategies such as rebranding, expansions, and acquisitions to expand their share in the market. The key players who adopted these strategies are Caviro Group (Italy), ATP Group (US), Merck (Germany), Omkar Specialty Chemicals (India), Changmao Biochemical Engineering (China), Tarac Technologies (Australia), PAHI (Spain), Distillerie Mazzari (Italy), Distillerie Bonollo (Italy), Derivados Vinicos (Argentina), Industrias Vinicas (US), and Tártaros Gonzalo Castelló (Spain).

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Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) (US) is a key player in the agriculture and food processing industries. It is engaged in the production of food ingredients, feed & feed ingredients, and biofuels. Its three business segments include oilseed processing, corn processing, and agricultural services.

The company aims to attain growth by investing in acquisitions and expansions of facilities that will enhance its efficiency. For instance, in 2014, ADM completed its acquisition of Specialty Commodities Inc. (US), a leading originator, processor, and distributor of healthy ingredients, including nuts, fruits, seeds, legumes, and ancient grains, for USD 191 million. The acquisition is expected to expand ADM’s specialty ingredients portfolio to serve its customers better.

Merck (Germany) is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and chemicals across the globe. The company is engaged in the development of biochemical and organic chemical products, instruments, kits, and services that are used in scientific research, including pharmaceutical development, industrial microbiology, and life sciences. The company operates through various business segments, namely, analytics and sample preparation, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, microbial testing solutions, IVD/OEM material & reagents, life sciences, reagents, chemicals, lab ware, small molecule pharmaceuticals, and water purification.

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ATP (US) changed its name from American Tartaric Products to ATP Group in 2016. The company manufactures and supplies a variety of food ingredients such as chemicals, acidulants, and production equipment to industries such as pharmaceuticals and food and in wine making markets across the North American region.

The company’s cellar chemicals include sorbic acid, tartaric acid, sodium chloride, potassium sorbate, potassium chloride, fumaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, cream of tartar, potassium carbonate, Rochelle salt, sodium tartrate, and other chemicals. The company is one of the largest producers and suppliers of Rochelle salt and tartaric acid products in the North American region.