Modified Starch Market – Global Forecasts 2012-2017

Since their development in the 1940s, modified food starches have become a vital part of the food industry. Practically every category of food utilizes the functional properties of starch to impart some important aspect of the final product. Unmodified starches have limited usage due to its inherent weakness of hydration, swelling and structural organization. To enhance viscosity, texture, stability among many desired functional properties desired for many food and industrial applications, starch and their derivatives are modified by chemical, physical and biotechnology means.

Value added modified starch derivatives remains very attractive area due to high margins and numerous food and industrial applications. There are excellent opportunities to grow this business because of the growth in health, nutritional and functional needs of the changing consumer appetite as we move forward in the global economies. Current modified Agriculture production economics of China, rest of Asia, India and South America is improving at a rapid pace and starch from corn and tubers will compete with the US processors. China will be a formidable competitor to US and Europe. Demand for starch by food and non-food industries in Asia is likely to grow in low and middle income countries in this region. Over time, demand for starch by non-food industries will tend to grow faster than demand for starch by food industries.

The report on “Global Modified Starch Market [ ] by applications, prices and geography trends and forecasts 2012-2017″ is a focused analysis on modified starch industry with data and insights in to modified starch products, market segments and future developments in the changing global markets. Detail analysis of modified starches in food and industrial sectors provide in depth insights into the use and potential for modified starches. Segmentation with respect to type, application, raw material source and geography are provided with market forecasts for the period of 2012 through to 2017. Information contained in the report includes market sizes, forecasts, value chain, trends, price trends and regulations. Competitive information includes market shares of leading players, key developments, and strategies deployed to win and profiles key organizations like National Starch Innovation (USA), ADM (USA), Cargill Inc. (USA), Avebe Group B.A. (The Netherlands), Roquette Freres (France), Syral S.A.S. (France) and Tate and Lyle Plc. (UK) amongst others.

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