North American Interventional Cardiology Devices Market – Review of Opportunities


Interventional cardiology specifically deals with structural heart disease and their analysis with catheter based treatments. This technique depends on various types of devices that are used for the treatment of different types of heart ailments. Growth in the number of aging population and cardiovascular diseases are driving the demand for the North American interventional cardiology devices market. According to the experts the market is expected to maintain a low yet steady growth rate, which is a good sign for the industry components as far as the overall growth in production and revenue is concerned. Innovations in diagnosis and treatment devices are also a strong factor driving the market in this region.

Interventional Cardiology Devices Market – Scope of Research

The North American market is segmented on the basis of the types of products, which include angiography stents and balloons, inferior vena cava filters, endovascular aneurysm repair stent grafts, hemodynamic flow alteration devices, plaque modification devices, and other accessory devices. All these products are further sub-categorized on the basis of their functions and demand across different parts of the market. Analysis of the North American interventional cardiology devices market and North American peripheral vascular devices market requires careful understanding of the basic demand trends and drivers for both surgical and diagnostic devices available in the region.

Drivers and Restraints

Major drivers for the North American interventional cardiology devices market include rise in the peripheral interventional procedures. Rise in the aging population of the region along with the instances of cardiovascular diseases are also reflecting on the growing demand for the diagnostic and surgical devices in interventional cardiology. Growth in the PCI centers, especially in United States of America and rising demand from Canada are also significant driving factors for the industry. Scope of growth for this market is considered to be hindered by conventional first-level medications and course of treatments. Decline of coronary angioplasty procedures is also significant restraint.


However, researchers are expecting the North American interventional cardiology devices market to witness growth from different avenues. These avenues include importance of better diagnosis, rising adoption of OCT and IVUS catheters, demand for bioabsorbable stents, and retrievable IVC filters. As a result of these opportunities, the market is estimated to maintain a steady growth rate of over 2% during the next few years to come. By the end of the year 2018, the industry is estimated to become worth more than $5,947.5 million. United States of America is estimated to dominate the market on the basis of the revenue. Canada however is expected to witness rapid demand.