Network Traffic Analyzer Market is Booming Worldwide at CAGR 16.9% till 2022

The emphasis on network management tools among enterprises and service providers across the globe is expected to increase, due to the augmented network traffic and growing network complexities. Therefore, the network traffic analyzer tool is used to monitor and analyze a network infrastructure, to provide a holistic view about the network traffic, bandwidth consumption, and application usage in a network. The tool also helps network administrators in effectively troubleshooting and resolving network issues to streamline the network process and reduce the network downtime.

Other major growth factors for Network Traffic Analyzer Market are growing concerns for network security, increasing awareness of network traffic analyzer tools for business continuity, and widespread adoption of cloud services and enterprise mobility by organizations.

The services segment is expected to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the wide adoption of network traffic analyzer solutions across enterprises and service providers, thereby creating demand for consulting services, implementation and deployment services, and training and support services across the globe.

Cloud deployment is expected to be a faster growing deployment type in the network traffic analyzer market, as the adoption of cloud-based network traffic analyzer solutions has been increasing at a rapid pace among enterprises, data centers, and service providers. Cloud deployment mode’s wide range of features, such as reliability, scalability, flexibility, and low costs could be main growth factors.

Among organizations, the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) segment is expected to be a faster growing segment in the network traffic analyzer market. SMEs are focusing more on network traffic management to streamline their network infrastructure and enhance their business functions. They are also facing many challenges related to network management, due to the increased complex network infrastructure, which is targeted by the growing network security attacks. Therefore, they mostly prefer to implement low cost and open source network traffic solutions over the network.

Among end-users, the data center segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment in the network traffic analyzer market. Data security and infrastructure management costs are said to be growing concerns in data centers. However, the costs are falling sharply due to the advancements in technologies.