What are the upcoming trends in the Nisin Market?

Most of the nisin manufacturers are located in Europe and Asia-Pacific with their sales presence across the globe. North America is currently estimated to be the largest nisin market in the world; however, Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing market for nisin in near future. Several major and small manufacturers are expanding their nisin preservative capacity to fulfill the growing demand of customers.

Key Players:

• Calbee, Inc. (Japan)
• PepsiCo, Inc. (US)
• Kellogg Company (US)
• Campbell Soup Company (US)
• General Mills, Inc. (US)
• ITC Limited (India)
• Grupo Bimbo
• S.A.B. de C.V. (Mexico)

Presently, nisin industry in Asia-Pacific region is at a developing stage and is growing at a faster pace than that of other regions. Countries such as Japan, China, and Australia are likely to lead the growth phase in this region. Established nisin manufacturers in Europe and North America have further expanded their presence in Asia-Pacific to tap the emerging opportunities in this region.

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The nisin market in North America shows huge growth potential due to the rising expectations of consumers for convenience and ready to eat food. The North American consumers are on the lookout for minimally processed convenience foods with enhanced storage lives. This has increased the need for appropriate food safety concerns. Consequently, the role of preservatives (nisin) to extend shelf-life has become increasingly important and critical. Technological trends are also impacting the nisin market in this region. Nisin is widely used in meat & beverages application segment in North America. The U.S. has the highest market share in this region.

Meat application segment has a strong adoption rate for nisin preservative. Nisin is used to extend the shelf life and prevent the food from spoilage bacteria. Expanding segments in beverages application segment also lead to an increase in the usage of nisin. Europe is the largest consumer of beverages and accounts for a significant consumption of nisin in the beverages segment.

Canned vegetables segmented is estimated to be the fastest-growing segment during the forecast period. Asia-Pacific accounted for the largest market of canned vegetables in 2015. Increasing population and growing awareness in Asia-Pacific region is the main reason for the growth of canned vegetables segment. Asia-Pacific is also the largest producer of dairy products and thus accounts for a significant consumption of nisin in the dairy products segment.