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Outsourced Research Desk

Would you like the idea of having data delivered to you on your desktop?

Is your research team well prepared to handle spikes in work?

The Outsourcing Market Research offered by M&M provides clients with expanded research capabilities available at their disposal to assist them in all kinds of research activities. The outsourced research desk model has helped clients expand the capabilities of their research teams in terms of:

  • Volume of work they can handle
  • Sector specific expertise
  • Turnaround time

Under this engagement model a team is dedicated to handle client’s research request on an on-going basis. The analysts in this team can be chosen as per the research needs of the organization and at anytime be swapped with analysts from a different domain. This would help you cover a wider number of sectors with the help of specialist analysts’ without having to hire additional research analyst every time you are looking at a new sector.


Under this model, we work with clients who outsource the entire market study. Such studies are typically market intelligence, market sizing, opportunity assessment, competitive intelligence & benchmarking studies, market growth and forecasts, regulatory environment, supply chain and distribution strategy, etc. These studies typically have longer timeframes, which are determined by the complexity of the study and effort estimation required for entire secondary and primary data, industry profiles, company profiles, data analysis and report writing. Individual quotes are worked out depending on the scope of the study. A proposal outlining details of scope, methodology, timelines and costs is submitted for each request. Attributes of this model:

  • Proven methodologies and experience across macro and micro markets
  • Optimum Utilization of resources- need based
  • Resources billed as per the effort estimation (different for each project)
  • Higher pricing

Hire Dedicated Market Research Analyst

Are you tired of hiring analyst’s every time you work on a new project?

Do you need an analyst who could help you with your quick turnaround research needs?

At M&M, we provide our clients with the flexibility of using analysts only when they require it. By pre-booking analyst time, our clients have benefited by not having to hire additional analysts for small research requests that require quick turnaround time.

This model offers clients to pre-book a minimum of 100 hours of analyst time per month with research executed on a need basis. Attributes: 100 hours booked up front at the start of the engagement. The engagement will be provided for a minimum period of three months, which will include one week’s free pilot (5 working days).

However, the pilot will be conducted only after the contract is signed. The contract will specifically mention that this engagement will be taken forward only if the client is satisfied with the pilot. 50% advance at the time of signing the contract and remaining 50% after completion of 100 hours.

Advantages of these models: Such an engagement proves cost effective for clients, as it offers:

Greater resource availability. Dedicated analysts for your requests

Seamless transition due to reduced kick off time

Single point of contact

Significantly lower pricing


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