4 Drivers for Physiotherapy Equipment Market – An Overview

Physiotherapy is a popular pain relieving technique that uses various methods and equipment to provide strength gaining exercises and relief from pain. This method plays crucial role in the providing relief to the patients of stroke, cerebral palsy and accident shocks and injuries. The global physiotherapy equipment market is expected to maintain a steady growth. This growth is mainly driven by the factors like increasing penetration, growing awareness and technological advancements in the existing methods. Growing use of different advanced methods for patient relief is expected to create steady growth in the market. This is considered to be e a vital sign for the key players in the market. Rising business opportunities in emerging markets are also driving the business in the industry.

Segmentation in Physiotherapy Equipment Market

In order to understand the growth trends and business forecasts for the all the components, researchers segment the global market into different sectors. These segments of the physiotherapy equipment market are based on the types of products, end-users, applications and geographic regions. Major end-users in the market include clinics, hospitals, home health centers, rehabs and schools. The types of products are mainly divided into two parts, which include accessories (orthoses and others) and equipment.

The equipment segment includes analysis of the products such as ultrasound, hydrotherapy, continuous passive motion, cryotherapy, therapeutic exercises, heat therapy, laser therapy, and traction and wax therapy. Basic applications of these products range across pediatric, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, neurology, musculoskeletal, and other sectors. These sectors include palliative care, women health, and sports. Geographic segments of the market include Asia, Europe, North America and rest of the world.

Drivers, Trends and Forecasts for the Market

According to the reports, the physiotherapy equipment market is steadily driven by five major drivers. These drivers include high rate of employment, growing instances of neurological and cardiovascular diseases, rising number of baby-boomers reaching retirement age, and favorable healthcare reforms. Technological advancements and rising demand from the emerging markets are also expected to create strong growth prospects for the market in the years to come.

Major restraints for the market include lack of skilled professionals, uneven reimbursement scenario, and high maintenance costs. However, technological advances and growth from the emerging markets are expected to play crucial role in creating opportunities for the market. As per the latest reports, the physiotherapy equipment market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 6% from 2014 to 2019. At this rate, the industry is expected to reach $19,786.3 million by 2019. Asia Pacific is expected to register high CAGR during the forecasting period.