Tips to Use Polling as a Market Research Segmentation Tool

Multitude of customers stands for different of choices, preferences and opinions. Segregating these customers based on their similarities makes life easy for the researchers. Hence, segmentation is the quintessential part of market research. Segmentation is a strong marketing strategy used by analysts that divide large target markets into different groups, subsets and sub-segmentations of customers with common aspirations, expectations and requirements from a product or service. This process helps in strategizing and analyzing the demand pattern for the particular segment.

Interconnection between Segmentation and Polling

Similar to segmentation, polling is yet another strategy that involves active participation from the target customers of an organization. Polling the process of voting the services and products based on their usefulness and prices. Many startups make the grave mistake of using only demographics and recorded facts to segment the marketplace. Expert market researchers claim that analysis for segmentation is a lot more than just genders, geography, age and income of the consumers. According to a report published by QuestionPro, the segments you create have to be based on benefits. Instead of demographics, experts call this process as psychographics.


Psychographics simply mean the process of collecting behavior based information and segregating them accordingly. The process of creating psychographic segments and using polling as the basic tool goes a long way. Original rules of market research segmentation are still the same. These rules include the characteristics like homogeneous, unique, reachable, measurable, substantial, profitable and responsive. The standard demographic segments do not need much effort but only the on hand customer data. However, when it comes to creating segments that really make a difference; you could always resort with polling and public opinion tools.

Market Research Segmentation Tool
Market Research Segmentation Tool


Polling and Winning

Polls are defined by a series of multiple choice questions. Customers of all age groups find them convenient and simple, rather than explaining their each and every move in the market. The good news is, you can now replace traditional survey methods by polling. Just have to understand the basic ethics in the process of creating powerful and result oriented polls. The first written rule of polling for segmentation is anonymity. Polls have to be completely anonymous. This way, you can definitely get hold of the regions of the market hoping to be converted into reachable segments.

In simple words, polling is an easier way of discussing the segments before you have actually formed them. The best part is market research experts get to discuss these segments with the potential customers. This fact increases the chances of accuracy and substantiality of the entire process of data collection.