Factors Driving Protein Expression market – An Overview

Protein production or expression systems are widely used in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, life sciences and medicines. Protein reagents, expression vectors and competent cells are used for the maintenance and transfection of the competent cells. It is an essential component of proteomics and research as well. The downtime in the sales productivity and research and development activities created negative impact on the global protein expression market. However, changing range of applications and growth in the R&D activities are bringing the industry back on track. This is considered as an excellent sign for the overall market, which is aiming at highest growth during the next few years to come.

Segmentation in Protein Production Market

Researchers have segmented the global protein expression market in order to understand the basic trends and provide detailed conclusions about the growth and development of the overall industry. Along with the trends of revenue, this segmentation also makes the companies aware about the immediate challenges, threats, competition and opportunities in the market. The industry is segmented on the basis of the types of expression systems, which include prokaryotic, insect cells, yeast, mammalian cells and others.

Based on the products, the industry is categorized into reagents, expression vectors, competent cells, services and instruments. Applications of these systems range from therapeutic and industrial proteins as well as various research applications. The end user segment of the protein expression market includes contract research organizations, academic research, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and such other clients. Based on geographic regions the industry is segmented into North America, Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

Drivers and Growth Prospects

Analysis of all the segments of the industry provides details about the trends and factors responsible for the growth of this industry. According to the experts, rising research and development activities across different applications and end-user industries have created greater growth prospects for the market. Growth in the proteomics as well as biologics market is also expected to boost the use of protein expression and the demand for the same. The upcoming changes in the patents, rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry and intensity of research activities are also expected to dominate the industry for the years to come.

As per the latest research report, the protein expression market is poised to make healthy growth as far as the compound annual growth rate is concerned. Increasing demand for therapeutic proteins and rising use of protein production for human treatments are expected to drive the trends of growth for this industry. North America is expected to dominate the global market, however, Asia Pacific and the other emerging segments of the industry are set to witness higher growth during the forecasting period.