Realbooks – a Comprehensive Cloud-Based Accounting Software for Companies & NGOs


Realbooks is a comprehensive cloud-based accounting software program that can be used by companies and NGOs of all sizes. The company’s philosophy is to bring companies and their accounting practices into the 21st century with a streamlined software with easy to use tools. This software makes simple and easy for both businesses and accountants to maintain up-to-date books.


Realbooks Accounting Software is a cloud-based VAT and GST compliant software that handles general accounting, inventory, and payroll for companies of all sizes. Chock Full of easy to use and customizable features, this software has unique intelligence tools to help companies implement and achieve higher business efficiency. The software is designed to empower businesses of any size and in any industry to make good financial decisions consistently

Realbooks Pricing:

Based on your business requirements, subscription to Realbooks Pricing can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Here are the Realbooks Pricing segments:

Explorer Edition – free to users, offers all the features of the other editions and up to 500 entries can be made annually
Professional Edition – ₹500/user/month (discounted annual price ₹5000/user/year)
Business Edition – ₹1000/user/month (discounted annual price ₹10000/user/year)
Enterprise Edition – ₹2000/user/month (discounted annual price ₹20000/user/year)

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Realbooks Demo:

Realbooks offers a free trial version of its package. It can be used on iOS and Android platforms. Online training is provided to users of its professional, business and enterprise edition subscribers.


Simplified Accounting 
– Easy to use and facilitates the import of existing daily data. Dashboard tracker displays profitability, payables, and receivables information which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time

Inventory management – Inventory management system can create and store price lists, orders, cash cycles information, etc. Manage complex production cycles with Bills of Materials and do Materials planning, handling stores, etc. in one place.

Reports Generation – Find and use accurate details relating to your business – individual department and overall information. Monitor projects, company branches, productivity and other aspects with reports generated form dashboards.

Paperless offices – Upload bills and receipts to the company cloud account directly or with Dropbox. Retrieve historical information as needed. Centralize book-keeping

Customization – Integrate multiple tools and features, and customize the Realbooks platform to meet your specific business requirements.

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