Sellfy – Suitable e-Commerce Platform to See & Rent Digital Items


Sellfy e-commerce platform is a personalized web marketplace where you can sell and rent to digital items. This helps you to create a shop where you can view and sell as many digital items as you have at your fingertips. Sellfy e-commerce platform offers the right to add items on the company website and purchase icons on Facebook and Instagram. Sellfy also helps users to automate the payment collection, use their advanced communications software and insights as an all-in-one e-commerce solution.

Sellfy USP:

Sellfy e-commerce platform provides developers with a simple and efficient e-commerce site. Allows selling digital devices, tangible items and packages from a single platform. Sellfy e-commerce platform works well with developers, writers and advertising outlets or studios seeking to sell their customers digital content, packages or tangible merchandise on social media or their own platform.

Get the Global Overview of the Market:


Attach the logo, adjust colours and build the look that we want the product to suit.
To improve the reputation and make the website more discoverable, connect the current domain to the Sellfy e-commerce platform.
Earn extra by making the buyers purchase several products at once. Works in the Sellfy shop or as an embedded feature on the web.
Speak the words for the clients. Users may select the language of the store or let the customers use a localized version of the shop interface depending on its position.
Sellfy provides tailored webshops and impeccable checkout experience on both the desktop and smartphone.

Payment Options
# Enable PayPal or Stripe to recognize purchases from customers all over the planet.
Use PayPal, and recognize consumer purchases in over 200 countries.
Use Stripe to provide credit card payment choices on the shop.

Embed Anywhere
# Embed purchase stickers, company widgets or any of the shops on the website or blog now.
# Inside YouTube links, using software on cards and end monitors to improve traffic to the shop.

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Sellfy Pricing

Sellfy pricing models are totally based on user requirements and can be customized as per business needs. Sellfy pricing plans are offered into three different plans. For more details on Sellfy pricing plans, the user may contact the vendor. Three Sellfy pricing plans are as follows:

Starter Plan – $29 monthly (Up to $10k in sales per year)
Business Plan – $59 monthly (Up to $50k in sales per year)
Premium Plan – $129 monthly (Up to $200k in sales per year)


Sellfy e-commerce platform does not provide a specific demo but a lot of resources are available for the users to look for. It offers a 14-day free trial in which the users can get the experience of all the features of the platform and then can decide for which features to pay according to the business requirements.