Quick Steps to Incorporate Social Media in Market Research Plans

Social Media in Market Research
Social Media in Market Research
Social Media in Market Research Plans


When it comes to understanding the customer expectations, businesses and customers need to be ready to go that extra mile and achieve the goals of their project. Marketing research is really easy, provided you learn about all its tools and techniques. Along with using the traditional methods for qualitative and competitive market data, analysts working with the organizations need to be open to innovative methods of collecting market data. Internet and social media has become the buzzword for the researching industry, for the right reasons. Social media has deeper impact in terms of customer communication and convenience in collecting the information. Hence, incorporating social media with your business assessment plans makes perfect sense.

Understand Social Media

Contrary to common assumption, social media is not just about the trending topics. Hence, understanding the basic context of social media is essential. This context involves learning about various facades of social media and the exciting and popular platforms that your customers use on a frequent basis. Today’s customers ideally use social communication, professional and personal networking channels and other popular platform for easy and uninterrupted interpersonal communication. Assessment of the most popular channels is their use for your particular marketing research project is highly essential. Considering the number of websites on the web, it is very easy to get lost in the entire process.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Brainstorm with your team of experts and representatives of the organization about the immediate plan of action. Once you have the right direction, which includes the social media platforms, specific communication groups, networking channels, dedicated blogs and forums. Then you can easily share your information there in order to get feedback from the target customers. Brainstorming is a crucial step.
  • Once you get to the right networking platforms online, prioritize the available options and create a list based your preferences and relevance of the business research project. Objectify the available platforms with the goal of your project and ignore the once that will not have positive impact for your report.
  • The above two steps will leave you with a few yet interesting platforms. These would be the websites that can surely bring in the desired results for the kind of products or services that you intend to research for. Try building communication in a healthy way, which includes person to person interaction, product description, insights and feedback from target customers.
  • Social media is a platform that allows you to share information on a personal level. When used correctly, this could be a great boon for a business. Always focus on encouraging the customers and engaging them with correct response. Ask questions, participate in online discussions, appreciate their responses and solve their queries.

Starting a conversation online is vital, but what is more vital is to learn the ways to stop the marketing research in the middle of it. Mark the timeline of your progress as a research team and stop after that, if you fail to achieve the desired response. Deadline will give a specific timeframe, where your team can calculate the progress and collaborate it with the rest of the techniques.