Valmont and Lindsay Lead the Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Market

The sprinkler irrigation systems market is estimated to be valued at USD 2.4 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 2.7 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 1.9% during the forecast period. The growth of the sprinkler irrigation market is driven by factors such as the need for higher yield and better quality crop with efficient water usage.

The key players in this market include Valmont Industries (US), Lindsay Corporation (US), Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (India), The Toro Company (US), Rivulis Irrigation Ltd. (Israel), Netafim Limited (Israel), Rain Bird Corporation (US), T-L Irrigation (US), Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc. (US), Nelson Irrigation Corporation (US), Hunter Industries (US), Mahindra EPC Ltd. (India), Alkhorayef Group (Saudi Arabia), Elgo Irrigation Ltd. (Israel), and Antelco Pty Ltd. (Australia), and Irritec S.p.A (Italy).

Lindsay Corporation is among the global leaders and supplies a variety of proprietary irrigation equipment and road infrastructure products & services. Its irrigation segment includes production and marketing of lateral move, center pivot, and hose reel irrigation systems. Irrigation products and solutions are offered by the company under various brand names, such as Zimmatic, Growsmart Technology, FieldNET, Perrot, and IRZ. Zimmatic offers center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems and control panels for use in both small and large fields, while Perrot by Lindsay offers hose reel travelers. The company has more than 200 dealers in the US and more than 140 dealers in the rest of the world. Moreover, the company has always been at the forefront of R&D of innovative solutions and has provided growers with powerful tools that help in achieving higher yields and provide efficient results in every drop of water used. Lindsay’s two irrigation tools FieldNET Advisor and Pivot Control Lite were selected as AE50 award winners for 2018.

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Valmont Industries possesses a well-established network of local and international suppliers and distributors, which helps it to manufacture and deliver quality products at a reasonable price. The company also has a dedicated team to work in collaboration with regional, national, and international contractors and suppliers, which offer strategic expertise in the market. The company acquired Torrent Engineering & Equipment (US) to improve its offerings in terms of irrigation systems and equipment.

Valmont’s key strategy has been new product launches with precision farming tools and software to improve its product service. The company has a large portfolio of irrigation systems distributed globally. Its limited R&D expenditure, which is lower than those of the other key industry players, may limit its new product development ability and market growth. Investment in R&D for irrigation systems delivering numerous benefits would help the company to strengthen its presence in the mechanized irrigation systems market. The company is expected to expand through partnership agreements with research organizations and precision farming technology providers to build channels with their customers and suppliers.

Valmont is a diverse company with multiple facets of operation and a strong focus on growth. The company’s recent activities include the acquisition of Agri-Valley Irrigation, LLC. (AVI) (US) and Irrigation Design and Construction, LLC (IDC) (US). These acquisitions highlight the company’s focus on venturing beyond their established markets and adapt to the changing farmer needs by aligning their products with respect to smart agriculture.

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