Venue – Salesforce Platform is Easily Convertible to a Digital Store with this e-Commerce platform

Venue USP:

The Salesforce Platform is easily convertible to a digital store with Venue e Commerce platform. That is why data also remains stored on Salesforce’s native servers, and it is one of the advantages of users. Online customers, management and sales reps- everything becomes controllable with a set of data.


Venue e-Commerce Platform , a product of Kinetic Growth Inc, is one of the major eCommerce builders. Venue E-commerce platform includes lots of customizable components to set online business. Venue helps in developing a highly functional eCommerce store without any technical skill. It runs fully on the Salesforce Platform. Thus, an e-store, created with Venue, can share price, customer data, and product details with Salesforce database.

Venue Pricing:

Detailed Venue pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with the leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offers competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For more details about Venue pricing plans, contact the company.

Venue Demo:

There is no demo or video tutorial, displayed for Venue eCommerce builder users. As it has drag-and-drop tools, users will not find difficulty in using this online store builder. However, users can fill out a digital form to reach the team and request a demo of the product.

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Venue E-Commerce Platform Features

Product management:

 Venue E Commerce Platform Add image to different products and display other details, including price
# Customize every product page by including more details

Online selling platform:

 Integrate Salesforce Customer Portals into the eCommerce store
# Accept credit card-based payments from customers

Functional shopping cart:

 Update and remove items and their quantities while checking prices
# Remembers items when shoppers have left the store and returned after a few days

Checkout page:

 Record credit card and billing details and let buyers see their latest order summary
# Deposit funds into the chosen bank account and send order confirmation email to customers

100% native:

 Use standard Salesforce Contact, Opportunity, and Product objects for tracking eCommerce deals
# Give a view of eCommerce Opportunities to let sellers know about the purchases of customers.

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