WorkBook – Helps to Escalate Business Operations to Higher Level


Workbooks is a contemporary platform that escalates business operations to a higher level. The integrated CRM software caters to an array of business requirements with its rich features and its wide dimensional approach. The dynamic software offers an economic yet constructive solution to a wide array of business applications through quick automation and accessibility.

WorkBook USP:

Workbooks is essentially what an enterprise would like to call, an ‘out of the box’ solution to their diverse problems. It is enriched with automation, accessibility and collaboration tools, which reduce manual load, enhance efficiency and transform business objectives into measurable results. The core CRM interface provides cloud-based support that revolutionizes data access.

Workbooks Pricing:

Based on business requirements, Workbooks pricing may vary between 21 – 56 Pounds per user on a monthly basis. Here is a complete breakdown of the Workbooks pricing and plans:

# CRM: 21 Pounds per user, per month
# CRM Pro: 33 Pounds per user, per month
# Business: 46 Pounds per user, per month
# Business Pro: 56 Pounds per user, per month

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Workbooks Demo

Users can gain access to a variety of demos to understand the working of the software, available at its official website, along with a host of blogs, brochures and infographics.

Workbooks Features

Integrated pipeline monitoring and CRM assessment
 Assists in the management and construction of customer relationships
# Enables centralization of the client and team communications
# Allows synchronization of emails and contacts

Collaboration and Project Management synergies
 Integrates management of project planning, cost control and helps in resource allocation
# Highlights potential problems and provides vital insights.
# Provides direction to review and approval processes

Management of Finance and accounting functions
 Integrates financial operations for end-to-end use and real-time data availability
# Allows collaboration with third-party vendors and banking systems for easy reconciliation.

Contemporary solutions
 Enables a cloud-based system of storage and data retrieval
# Allows easy scalability of data and reduces its redundancy
# Automates business processes for quick reengineering and benchmarking activities.

Manages business objectives
 Connects and links the sales and business targets for efficient increase
# Reduces the turnaround time to direct cost savings

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