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Zoho Human Resource Software is a renowned human resource information system or HRIS available in the market. This software is ideal for automating all the HR processes required by a corporate company. This one helps the company to manage its workforce correctly without any hassle. One can use this product for managing employee databases and ensuring perfect consistency in all HR processes.

Zoho People USP:

The USP of Zoho People human resource software is its excellent user-friendly interface. It allows the company to manage smooth communication with separate teams. The simplistic approach of the software enables the user to use all the features without any technical expertise. It helps in saving time without compromising the quality of its services.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People Pricing tends to vary depending on specific factors like the services and the type of plans. Different plans available include professional, enterprise, people plus, essential HR, and premium plans. The Zoho Pricing starts from $1.66 /user/month and tends to vary depending on the different packages stated earlier.

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Zoho People Demo

The demo is available on a one-on-one basis to all the potential users in the market. The company provides free online demo services. But some of the advanced features of the software might not be available in the demo version.


Tailor-made features- 
A flexible and comprehensive system to manage the HR processes without any problems. Customizations are available to cater to the needs of the clients appropriately.

Efficient management of data- One-stop solution to maintain employee records. Employee data management system for secured storage of information and data collection.

Easy HR management- Presence of appropriate tools to help the HR staff remain up-to-date. Presence of structured onboarding processes for the recruits.

Management of performances- Availability of continuous, 360-degree feedback system. System equipped for regular evaluation of the performances of the employees.

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