About Us

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Founded in 2001, MarketsandMarkets is a well-known market research company. Being a full-service and consulting marketing research firm, we produce strategically analyzed, full-length market research reports that keep a detailed track of more than 10 industry verticals. All these reports are produced with the perfect blend of advanced technology, resources and added expertise from out research team. This process results into automating, organizing and analyzing intricate market information, data tables and forecasting reports. MarketsandMarkets aims at providing intricate information and channels of sustainable growth to our clients. Being one of the powerhouses of business intelligence and consultant services, MnM provides incisive business data to companies from various parts of the world.

Headquartered in the US, we at M&M provide custom business development and analysis to the clients spread across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. We deal with the business intelligence in four effective ways, which include:

  • Expert consultation and advice
  • Syndicated market research
  • Intelligent research process outsourcing
  • Content management

Our expert analysts have designed an advanced delivery model, which caters all your needs related to industry intelligence. With help of this model, companies are able to evaluate the changing business scenario in terms of technologies, market trends and investment optimization in their respective vertical. Early stage business analysis, new product assessment and economic forecasting services cater business needs of budding companies as well as large enterprises. We provide simplified industry recommendations and awareness about the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities various industries are facing. This channelized information helps companies in growing their business with confident decision-making.

MarketsandMarkets Excels in:

  • Bringing user perspective for benchmarking and in-depth forecasting
  • Maintaining competitive market size estimations and business landscaping
  • Sponsoring detailed white papers for positive visibility of companies among B2B clientele
  • Providing niche-specific intelligence and strategic technology solutions