Population Health Management Market will grows with Lucrative CAGR

The population health management market exhibits a lucrative growth due to its several advantages, such as regulatory compliance, reduction of hospital [...]

North American Markets to Offer Significant Growth Opportunities for the Healthcare Provider Network Management Market in the Coming Years

Provider network management helps payer organizations to manage their provider’s network for increasing their efficiency, consistency, and accuracy. [...]

Revenue Cycle Management Market grows with handsome CAGR

The global revenue cycle management (RCM) market is expected to reach USD 7.09 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 11.8% from 2015 to 2020. Revenue cycle management [...]

Telehealth and mHealth Solutions Provide Significant Opportunities in the North American Healthcare IT Market

Telehealth solutions provide healthcare services in the comfort of a patient’s home. Similarly, mHealth solutions and apps help patients in self-health [...]

3 Drivers for Long Term Care Software Market – An Overview

Long-term care services include various systems and programs to meet personal care needs of the patients. Along with medical care, these services also [...]

4 Drivers for Behavioral Health Software Market – An Overview

Psychological wellbeing or behavioral health is a level of mental wellness that’s defined as the healthy level of emotional and behavioral adjustment [...]

Practice Management System Market Driven by Rising Cost of Healthcare

Medical practice management software or PMS deals with day-to-day operations related to medical operations. They capture patient demographics and perform [...]

Home Healthcare Software Market Driven by Rising Adoption

Home healthcare is a supportive care, which can be availed at home. This type of care can be provided by healthcare professionals and other professional [...]

The Advent of eCOAs/ePROs to Change the Future of Clinical Trial

‘Data’ is the most important output from the clinical trial. The efficacy and efficiency in data management paves the way for successful completion [...]

Contract Research and Manufacturing Drive the Growth of the Healthcare Outsourcing Market

The Healthcare BPO market is a very large and complex service based industry. This market is comprised of the payer, provider, and pharmaceutical outsourcing [...]