Acerola Extract Market Trends and Forecast

The Acerola extract market refers to the global industry involved in the production, distribution, and consumption of Acerola (Malpighia emarginata) extract. Acerola, also known as Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry, is a fruit native to the Caribbean, Central America, and northern South America. It is renowned for its high vitamin C content and numerous health benefits.

Acerola extract is derived from the fruit through various extraction methods, such as freeze-drying, spray drying, or vacuum drying. It is available in different forms, including powder, liquid, and capsules. The extract is widely used in the food and beverage industry, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics due to its rich nutrient profile and antioxidant properties.

The global acerola extract market will experience significant expansion, with revenue projected to reach USD 24 million by 2026. Establishing a value of USD 16 million in 2021, this indicates a CAGR of 7.6%.

Key Factors Driving the Acerola Extract Market:

  • Growing Health Consciousness: The rising awareness about the health benefits of natural and organic products has fueled the demand for Acerola extract. Consumers are increasingly looking for natural sources of vitamin C and antioxidants, driving the market growth.
  • Increasing Demand for Functional Foods: Acerola extract is used as an ingredient in functional foods and beverages due to its nutritional value. It is incorporated into juices, smoothies, energy bars, and other products to enhance their nutritional content and promote health and wellness.
  • Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement Industry Growth: The nutraceutical and dietary supplement sectors have experienced significant growth in recent years. Acerola extract is a popular ingredient in supplements due to its immune-boosting properties, antioxidant effects, and potential anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Expanding Application in Cosmetics: Acerola extract is also used in the cosmetics and personal care industry. It is incorporated into skincare products, such as serums, creams, and lotions, for its antioxidant properties and potential anti-aging effects.
  • Increasing Demand in Pharmaceutical Applications: Acerola extract is used in pharmaceutical formulations due to its vitamin C content and potential health benefits. It is utilized in various medicinal products, including immune system support supplements, cold and flu remedies, and natural remedies for common ailments.

Asia Pacific’s growth is attributed to the increasing awareness of healthy dietary habits among consumers. The key factors driving growth in the Asia Pacific region include health benefits provided by acerola extract, demand for natural products, cost affordability, and the growing startups in market. China and India are the two major countries in region, which have high consumption of meat and bakery products, respectively.  The rising meat and bakery industry is expected to drive the demand for acerola extract as an antioxidant.

Acerola Extract Market Key Players:

Key players in this market include DSM (Netherlands), Kemin Industries, Inc. (US), Dohler GmbH (Germany), The Green Labs LLC (US), Diana Food S.A.S. (France), Naturex S.A. (France), NutriBotanica (Brazil), Handary SA (Belgium), Foodchem International Corporation (China), Nichirei do Brasil Agrícola Ltda. (Brazil), Nexira (France), CAIF (US), Nutra Green Biotechnology CO., LTD. (China), Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd (India), BR Ingredients (Brazil), Blue Macaw Flora (Brazil), Hangzhou Muhua BioTech Co., Ltd (China), Herbo Nutra (India), Herbal Creative (India), and Vital Herbs (India).