Steady Growth in Airport Information Systems Market Vital for Businesses

Understanding things amidst the extreme chaos on the airports is a challenge for many people. It is exactly the reason why information systems for airports have become a blessing for billions of travelers commuting through global airports day in and day out. Airport information systems (AIS) market has become the buzzword for the airlines industry. it is a computerized system that creates systematic categorization of the airport data and displays crucial information, which the passengers need on a regular basis. This information includes departure and arrival of flights, cargo operations and operational fitness checks and aircraft turnarounds. All this and other relevant information is shared at the Airport Operational Control Center (AOCC).

Overview of AIS Market

Increasing number of air travelers, immense growth of the airline industry and dynamic potential of information technology in the industry are the biggest drivers for the global airport information systems market. Airline sector is making rapid progress from the economic recession of 2008. Various advancements, increasing number of flights, airports and passengers prove the success story of this industry and its components.

Various systems included in this market include, landing dues, flight information display, over flight billing systems, handling agent system, cash invoice, ledger counting, fuel system, real time apron management, printed and screen reports, security sentinel and gated guardian system, air traffic control administration and fuel systems. A systematic arrangement, maintenance and coordination of all these systems are essential for smooth operations.

Market Trends and Forecasting Until 2018

As mentioned before, increasing number of air flights, routes and traffic call for optimized control of all the operations of the airports. This rise in demand is the strongest driver for the airport information systems market. Technological advancements and inclusion of advanced information technology are also contributing to the smooth operations in the airlines industry. as a result, experts claim that the industry for these systems has a scope of growth and improvement, which will be evident in the coming few years. The market is expected to maintain steady and sustainable growth from 2013 to 2018. During the aforementioned forecasting period, airport information systems market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6%.

Based on these estimations, the market is expected to become worth $421.78 million by the end of 2018. Although the growth rate for the AIS market is slower in comparison with other software markets, the industry still has great potential for a sustainable future. Technological advancements and rising preferences to air travel are expected to drive the market.