Automotive PCB Market Size, Share, Growth, Report, Analysis 2025

Automotive PCB Market

The automotive PCB market is anticipated to increase from USD 8.21 billion in 2017 to USD 12.43 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 5.33%. The adoption of fundamental safety features like ABS, anti-lock brakes, tire pressure monitoring systems, and electronic stability programs, as well as the increased demand for sophisticated cockpit electronics and sophisticated telematics, are anticipated to propel the automotive PCB industry. The rise in popularity of BEVs and PHEVs, which have more electrical components than typical ICE vehicles, can also be related to the growth.

The multi-layer PCB segment is estimated to be the largest segment in the Automotive PCB Market

According to estimates, the automotive PCB market’s largest and fastest-growing sector will be multi-layer PCBs. The multi-layer PCB market is anticipated to be driven by the increased demand for high-tech electronics including enhanced telematics, electric powertrains, rear seat entertainment, infotainment & navigation systems, and windshield HUDs.

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ADAS and basic safety segment is estimated to be the fastest growing segment in the Automotive PCB

Due to the prevalence of basic safety features like ABS, anti-lock brakes, and TPMS in luxury and mid-segment vehicles, the ADAS and basic safety category is anticipated to experience the quickest growth during the projected period. The expansion of the ADAS and basic safety segments in the automotive PCB market is also being driven by strict safety regulations and rising awareness of traffic safety.

Asia Pacific: Largest regional market for Automotive PCB

As the largest market for autos, accounting for almost 50% of worldwide auto manufacturing, the Asia Pacific area is also the largest regional market for automotive PCB. The Asia-Pacific area includes both developed countries like Japan and South Korea and growing economies like China and India. The major reasons propelling the automotive PCB market in the Asia Pacific region are the rising use of high-tech electronics in automobiles, rising consumer spending power, and high consumer awareness of safety features in developing nations.

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Key Market Players

The report covers all the major players in the automotive PCB market, including CMK (Japan), Chin Poon Industrial (Taiwan), Meiko Electronics (Japan), Nippon Mektron (Japan), and KCE Electronics (Thailand).

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