Upcoming Growth Trends in the Beneficial Insects Market

The beneficial insects market is projected to reach USD 1,630 million by 2028 from USD 877 million in 2023, at a CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period in terms of value. 

Beneficial insects are insects that play a vital role in the ecosystem and provide benefits to humans, agriculture, and the environment. These insects often help control pest populations, pollinate plants, decompose organic matter, and maintain ecological balance. They are an essential part of natural ecosystems and agricultural systems, contributing to overall biodiversity and sustainability. 

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The hazardous effects on the environment as a consequence of using chemical pesticides which are known to have carcinogenic effects on plants and animals are driving the market for beneficial insects. Beneficial insects are an alternative to chemical pesticides; they are highly valuable insects and mites that eat or parasitize target pests. The rising demand for organic farming increases the rise in demand for beneficial insects driving the beneficial insects market.

The #beneficialinsects market in the world is dominated by North America. Beneficial #insects are one of the crop protection market’s fastest-growing segments in North America. Due to growing consumer concern over their health and the environment, there is an increase in the market for organic crop protection solutions in North America.

The key players in this include—>


Applied Bio-nomics Ltd (Canada)

Biobest Group NV (Belgium)

Bioline AgroSciences Ltd (UK)

Fargro Limited (UK)

Andermatt Group AG (Switzerland)

ARBICO Organics (US)

BioBee Ltd (Israel)


Tip Top Bio-Control (US)

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