Collagen Peptides: Revolutionizing the Wellness and Anti-Aging Industry

The collagen peptides market is projected to reach USD 922 million by 2028 from USD 699 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period in terms of value. The market for collagen peptides is experiencing growth due to growing consumer health awareness and varied applications of collagen peptides.

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Collagen Peptides Market Drivers:

  • Rising Demand for Nutritional Supplements: Collagen peptides are widely used in the production of nutritional supplements due to their potential benefits for skin, joint, and bone health. As the awareness about personal well-being and preventive healthcare increases, the demand for collagen peptide-based supplements is also on the rise.
  • Growing Beauty and Cosmetic Industry: Collagen peptides are incorporated into various beauty and cosmetic products, such as anti-aging creams, serums, and masks, due to their ability to promote skin elasticity and hydration. With the beauty and cosmetic industry experiencing steady growth, the demand for collagen peptide-infused products is also expanding.
  • Increasing Aging Population: The global population is aging, leading to a higher prevalence of age-related health concerns such as joint pain, osteoporosis, and skin aging. Collagen peptides are believed to address these concerns, driving their demand among the aging population.
  • Awareness of Healthy Aging: Consumers are becoming more conscious of the need to age healthily and maintain an active lifestyle. Collagen peptides are seen as a natural way to support joint mobility and skin health, aligning with the goals of healthy aging.
  • Sports Nutrition and Active Lifestyles: Athletes and individuals engaged in active lifestyles often seek products that support joint health and muscle recovery. Collagen peptides, known for their role in maintaining connective tissues and aiding muscle repair, are increasingly incorporated into sports nutrition products.

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Europe is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period

Countries such as Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and rest of Europe have been considered in this study. Some of the factors for the high demand of the market in the European region include high consumer awareness regarding health. The region also has a well-established cosmetics and personal care products industry in France and other European countries that is well known for research and innovation.

Moreover, Europe is one of the leading regions in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, collagen peptides are widely used in biomedical applications. The headquarters of key players such as Gelita AG (Belgium), Tessenderlo Group (Belgium), Lapi Gelatine S.p.A (Italy) makes it a significant region in the collagen peptides market.