Conductive Ink Market Driven by Rising Demand for Efficiency & Emerging Applications

As the name suggests, conductive ink conducts electricity in a printed object. These are PTF polymer thick film systems that allow drawing of circuits on various substrates ranging from paper to polyester. As a result, this type of ink is used in numerous applications across different industrial verticals. Growth in demand and innovative applications are considered to be the crucial drivers for the conductive ink market. Strong industrial applications and demand from emerging markets of Asia Pacific region are expected to create strong rise in demand for these products in the next few years to come. Advancing technologies are also expected to play a crucial role in the overall reach and revenue channels for the industry.

Segmentation in Conductive Ink Industry

Researchers segment the global industry on the basis of the types of ink, their applications, and demand from different industrial verticals and geographic regions. The types are sub-segmented into silver flakes and nanoparticles, copper flakes, copper oxide nanoparticles, copper nanoparticles, carbon/graphene, dielectric, silver coated copper nanoparticles, and other materials like nickel, aluminum and gold. The basic applications of these products include RFID, photovoltaic, displays, membrane switches, electromagnetic interface shielding, printed circuit boards, fuel cells, batteries, automotive, and bio-sensors. Geographic segments of the market include Asia Pacific, Europe, America and others (Rest of the World)

Drivers, Restraints & Forecasts

According to the researchers, the global conductive ink market is expected to be driven by growing demand for efficient and lasting products. Growth in miniaturization industry is also a strong driving factor for this market. Emerging applications of conductive ink and rapid rate of adoption from different industrial verticals are also expected to create strong growth in demand for the industry. Demand from fuel cells and battery applications are also a significant driving factor for the global market. Major restraints for the industry include high costs of efficient products like silver inks, lack of technical awareness, requirement of huge investments in R&D activities, etc.conductive ink market

According to the analysts, the global conductive ink market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of over 3.5% until 2018. At the projected growth rate, they expect this market to become worth more than $3,660 million by the end of the year 2018. During the study span, Asia Pacific region is expected to maintain highest growth rate in terms of application and growth rate. As far as applications of conductive ink are concerned, photovoltaic industry is expected to record strongest growth during the forecasting period. Strong growth of this industry in China is expected to be supported by other applications like printed electronics, consumer electronics, and automotive industries.