Dental 3D Printing : Changing Orthodontics Market

The global Dental 3D Printing Market is projected to reach USD 5.06 billion by 2023 from USD 1.78 million in 2018, at a CAGR of 23.2% during the forecast period.

The dental 3D printing industry is a well-established market with various regional and multinational market players. In 2017, 3D Systems (US), Stratasys (US & Israel), SML Solutions (Germany), Renishaw (UK), Roland (Japan), EnvisionTEC (Germany), Formlabs (US), and Carbon, Inc. (US) dominated the dental 3D printing market. These players together accounted for a significant majority of the dental 3D printing market.

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Stratasys (US & Israel) dominated the dental 3D printing market in 2017. The company’s 3D printing product portfolio includes a wide range of 3D printing systems and consumables through which it caters to the demand of various industries, including dentistry. The company also offers services associated with its 3D printing products. The company primarily focuses on product innovation and product launches as its key business strategy to sustain its leadership position in the global 3D printing market. For instance, the company launched its J700 Dental 3D Printing System in 2017. Additionally, in order to ensure its future growth, the company adopted strategies such as partnerships, agreements, mergers, and acquisitions to strengthen its product portfolio and customer base and expand its presence across various regions.


3D Systems (US) was one of the major players in dental 3D printing market in 2017. Its wide distribution network across the globe and strong focus on providing unique and highly specialized products has established itself as one of the leading players in the global dental 3D printing market. The company incorporates a broad range of 3D printing solutions in its product portfolio, comprising desktop 3D printers, print materials, cloud-sourced custom parts, and 3D digital design and fabrication solutions. The company primarily focuses on expanding its 3D printing product portfolio in order to increase its share in the global 3D printing market. Furthermore, the company also focuses on entering into distribution partnerships to strengthen its 3D printing customer base.

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EnvisionTEC (Germany) is one of the key players in the dental 3D printing market. The company’s strong focus on dealing with a broad range of customers through a diversified distribution network, high-technology enabled solutions, and continuous filing for new patent applications are the major factors contributing to the growth of its market share. The company provides its products in 66 countries worldwide. EnvisionTEC serves a wide range of customers through its dealers and resellers located across the globe. To enhance its share in the global 3D printing market, the company strongly focuses on partnerships. For instance, in April 2018, EnvisionTEC established a partnership with 3D New Print to enhance its distribution network in France by selling its high-end 3D printers and materials in the French industrial and manufacturing market. The company also actively focuses on the development and launch of new and high-quality dental and orthodontic 3D printers and materials to maintain its position in the market. Over the past three years, the company has launched over nine new products.