Difference Between a Best of Breed & Integrated Project Management Tool


Best of Breed can also be defined as the strategy of choosing the project management software capabilities from various companies and then and integrating all these capabilities yourself, instead of opting for one large integrated solution from a single vendor.

Best-of-breed project management tools are most likely to work efficiently for several industries. Best-of-breed software is usually less expensive and requires less budget upfront. They are also out-of-the-box, which makes deployment simple. A lesser investment directly means less risk to a business. With best-of-breed software, the vendor focuses on a limited set of functionality, which means they can progress the development of those areas in less time.

Typically, Best-of-Breed solution can be opted to, when:

A company is good at integrating all the selected 3rd party products and make an efficient product.
# A company is willing to take training costs to work on the inconsistent GUIs and complicated interfaces required to get the products to work collaboratively.
When there are no correctly integrated sets of tools on the market that meet a company’s project management needs.

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Integrated Project Management Solutions

Integrated Project Management Solutions can usually be defined as large combined suites of products like for instance Microsoft Office and Lotus Smart Suite, which contain several products that have a constant look and feel, and work well collaboratively but each tool, individually, may not necessarily be the best.

Project Management Software:

Project Management software is used by various industries and applications. It enables organizations to track deliverables and manages resources for them. The software provides the functionality of integrations with various another platform. It is a comprehensive and flexible solution so that organizations can get the required features in project management software they are investing in.

The software ensures that the managers are getting support for the complete life cycle of the project. There are various software that uses intelligent technologies for automating tasks and managing projects. With the optimization of the project, the software ensures that project managers can cut down additional costs and meet the project deadlines. For getting more visibility, prioritizing the resources and time-tracking along with controlled cost, investment in project management software is important.

The global project management software market was valued at USD 3 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 7 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 14% during the forecast period. Best Project management software incorporates various frameworks such as resources, financial, time and inventory management so that administrators can handle projects cooperatively from idea through to execution.

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