Expanding Food Processing and Pharmaceuticals Drive Hexane Market Towards $3.1 Billion by 2027


The global hexane industry is witnessing robust growth, driven by expanding applications across various industries. Hexane, a colorless liquid hydrocarbon, is gaining prominence due to its versatile properties and is used as a solvent in industries such as oil extraction, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Key Highlights:

Market Expansion: The hexane market has been on an upward trajectory, and its is projected to reach USD 3.1 billion by 2027 from USD 2.4 billion in 2022, at a CAGR of 4.8%. This growth is expected to continue, fueled by rising demand in emerging economies.

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Oil Extraction: Hexane plays a crucial role in the extraction of vegetable oils from seeds and grains, making it an indispensable component of the edible oil industry. As the global demand for cooking oils and biofuels increases, so does the demand for hexane.

Industrial Solvent: Hexane serves as a versatile industrial solvent, finding applications in adhesives, rubber cement, glues, and varnishes. Its low cost and effectiveness make it a preferred choice in these industries.

Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical sector also relies on hexane for the extraction and purification of various compounds. Its high purity and excellent solvent properties make it an essential ingredient in drug manufacturing.

Environmental Concerns: There is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of hexane use. This has led to increased research and development efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives. Market players are investing in the development of bio-based hexane and exploring greener production methods.

Regional Dynamics: North America and Asia-Pacific are prominent regions in the hexane market. North America, led by the United States, dominates the market due to its extensive use in oilseed processing. Meanwhile, Asia-Pacific, particularly China and India, is witnessing rapid growth in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Europe was the second-largest market in 2021 by value. Germany accounted for the largest market share in the region. The food industry in Germany is growing at a high rate, creating significant growth potential for the hexane market in the country. Also, the country has a strong pharmaceutical sector which contributes a significant share to the entire economy. Thus, the growth of the food and pharmaceutical sectors is expected to boost the market for hexane.

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Key Players: Major companies in the hexane market include ExxonMobil Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell plc, Phillips 66 Company, SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd., and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, among others.

Future Outlook: The hexane market is expected to continue its growth trajectory, driven by increasing demand in key industries. However, environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance are becoming focal points for industry participants, driving innovation and the adoption of greener practices.