Food Grade Gases Market Size, Analysis, Trends, and Forecast – 2027

The global food grade gases market is projected to reach USD 10.6 billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period. It was to be valued at USD 7.6 billion in 2022. Factors such as the growing demand for convenience food products and carbonated beverages have significantly fueled the market for food-grade gases. Owing to the rising concerns about food safety amongst consumers, food manufacturers are focusing on various advanced packaging technologies such as the oxygen scavenger, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP), and active packaging. These technologies help in maintaining the controlled atmosphere inside the packaging and prevent the oxidation of food products and reduce the need for additives while maintaining product quality.

Food Grade Gases Market

Opportunities: Increasing consumer preference for frozen and chilled food products to propel the market demand

The increasing popularity of shelf-stable foods among consumers on a global level is expected to propel the demand for frozen and chilled food products over the next few years. According to an article published in Progressive Grocer in August 2021, the popularity of these foods including breakfast meals rose by 10.9%, and dinners/entrees were up by 4.9%. frozen meat, up 2.7%, and processed chicken (up 10.4%). Moreover, the utilization of these products by numerous end users such as full-service restaurants, hotels & resorts, and quick-service restaurants will further support the growth of this market. Increasing demand for frozen sea food in countries away from the coast are escalating the market for food-grade gases. Additionally, the market is also expected to expand due to the increasing import and export of various packaged food products. For instance, in October 2021, Amul, the Indian food retailer expanded its frozen and ready-to-eat food offerings including food such as frozen potatoes, paneer, cheese parathas, and patties.

This growth is also fuelled by new legislation in the retail environment, which gives foreign investors and multinational retail chains access to these markets. These retail chains have organized distribution channels across these markets, which provides opportunities for setting up food & beverage industries here. The growing importance of food safety and the quality of processed foods in these countries has increased the need to prevent the deterioration of food with the use of proper packaging technologies, which has increased investments in refrigerated storage facilities.

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North America is projected to reach USD 3.4 Billion during the forecast period.

Key countries identified in the North American food-grade gases market include the US, Canada, and Mexico. The North American food-grade gases market is projected to witness significant growth due to the huge pork and beef industry and the increasing consumption of RTE and bakery food products. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there were about 38,000 food processing and manufacturing companies present in the US in 2019. This growing food & beverage processing sector in the US is expected to fuel the demand for food-grade gases, especially for packaging and carbonation. According to a report published by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (Canada) in 2017, about 168 million tons of food is wasted or lost in North America every year. Food-grade gases such as nitrogen serve as a cheaper preservative that enhances the shelf life of food products by keeping oxygen out and preventing spoilage.

In North America, the US was the largest market for food-grade gases, which accounted for a share of 84.8% in the North American market in 2019. The US has witnessed tremendous growth in the import and export of perishable products as well. It is one of the largest exporting countries in terms of seafood. Also, according to the FAO, the US is the second-largest milk producer in the world. This creates a demand for food-grade gases for freezing and chilling this highly perishable product. In 2022, revenue in the Convenience Food industry is expected to be USD 48.32 billion. The market is predicted to expand by 2.65% every year. Volume in the Convenience Food market is estimated to reach 5,993.8 m kg by 2027

The key players in this market include Air Products & chemicals, Inc (US), Cryogenic gases (US), American Welding & Gas (US).