Global Electric Motor Market for Alternative Fuel Vehicles (2012-2017)

A hybrid electric vehicle is a car powered by an electric motor and a gasoline engine together. In an electric vehicle, the gasoline engine is completely replaced by an electric motor which drives the wheels. In both the vehicles, electric motors play a very important role. A hybrid motor-generator acts as a traction motor and an energy alternator in the hybrid vehicle’s power train. There are two types of electric motors used in automotive applications: induction motors and permanent magnet motors. Induction motors do not use magnets, and are designed to provide best possible operation at lower power levels and higher speed driving – like some hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs). A permanent magnet motor is designed to efficiently handle heavy loads at low and high speeds and operate for long durations. They are mostly used in electric vehicles (EV) and plug in electric vehicles (PHEVs).

The research report on the electric motor market used in automobiles aims to capture the market roadmap with market sizes, revenue forecasts, value chain, market & product trends, price trends and regulations, competitive landscape, leading players and their key developments, strategies, and profiles. It also aims to analyze the market by products, applications, and geography.

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