Global Environmental Testing Market Size, Share, Report

The global environmental testing market refers to a sector that involves the analysis and assessment of various environmental parameters to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. This market serves industries, governments, and other organizations concerned with environmental protection and sustainability. The importance of environmental testing is rising as a result of growing public awareness in environmental issues, as well as the ability to broadcast these issues quickly via social media and the increasing regulations by various government organization across the globe. With an 8.1% CAGR from 2022 to 2027, the global environmental testing market size is expected to be worth $9.4 billion in 2022 and more than $13.9 billion by the end of 2027. 

Environmental testing has become a crucial element in our efforts to safeguard public health and preserve the planet’s natural resources. By providing critical insights into the impact of pollutants on our environment, this process has enabled us to develop effective measures to counteract the harmful effects of pollution. The global environmental testing market is poised for substantial growth, driven by a combination of factors such as heightened environmental awareness, stringent government regulations, and rapid technological advancements.

The organic compounds segment dominated the market by targets tested, with the largest environmental testing market share during the forecast period.

The organic compounds cans be commonly found in water, air, and soil, as they are essential ingredients in many products and materials. Residual of these contaminants can be extremely harmful for environment. To avoid various health risks, government bodied have been regulating the standards often, and has been a highly demanded testing services by various industrial companies.

The wastewater/effluent market dominated the market for environmental testing, with the largest environmental testing market share during the forecast period.

With the increase in the population, the demand for clean drinking water and water for agricultural and irrigation purposes has increased, the demand for wastewater testing has been on high demand. Government demand the treatment and testing of wastewater industry producing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and other products to safeguard the environment and communities.

The key players in global environmental testing market SGS SA (Switzerland), Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg), Intertek Group plc (UK), Bureau Veritas (France), ALS (Australia), TÜV SÜD (Germany), AsureQuality (New Zealand), Mérieux NutriSciences (France), Microbac Laboratories, Inc. (US), Envirolab Services Pty Ltd (Australia), R J Hill Laboratories Limited (New Zealand), Symbio Laboratories (Australia), Alex Stewart International (UK), EMSL Analytical, Inc. (US), and F.B.A. Laboratories Ltd (Ireland). These players in this market are focusing on increasing their presence through expansion and collaborations. These companies have a strong presence in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. They also have infrastructure facilities along with strong laboratory networks across these regions.

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