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Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing/ instances of abnormally low breathing during sleep. There are three basic forms of sleep apnea: Central (CSA), Obstructive (OSA) and Complex/Mixed sleep constituting 0.4%, 84% and 15% of cases respectively. Sleep apnea is a relatively new market in the medical field which is gaining momentum at a fast pace especially in developed geographies. About 100 million people worldwide are suspected to have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) of which more than 80% remain undiagnosed.

Penetration level of sleep apnea diagnosis as well as therapy remains low across the globe due to lack of adequate awareness among both patients as well as physicians. However due to association of co-morbidities such as Drug- resistant hypertension, Congestive heart failure, Type 2 diabetes, Stroke etc. with sleep apnea, awareness level about the disease is gradually increasing. The industry is technology driven & technological advancements in both diagnostic & therapeutic products such as PSG devices, screening devices, actigraphy systems, titration systems, PAP devices, humidifiers, improved mask design, adaptive servo-ventilation systems, oxygen devices, oral appliances and accessories have enhanced patient compliance levels in recent years.

The global sleep apnea market is dominated by US followed by Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (ROW). Rate of technology development & adoption has always been low in the Asian countries. Similar trend is expected to be continued for the coming 5 years in the Asian region.

The global sleep apnea market is highly fragmented & witness high competitive intensity. The segment rivalry is high as there are many small firms with similar product offerings. The firms operating in the market fight to garner market share leading to frequent price wars, advertising battles, incessant launches of new products and increased customer services & warranties. The major players operating in the market include Philips Respironics, Resmed, Natus Medical Incorporated, Fisher and Paykel, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Evo medical, Itamar Medical & others.

This report provides comprehensive analysis of global sleep apnea devices market [ ]. The global sleep apnea market is segmented into Diagnostic market, Therapeutic market and Market by End-Users. Each of the market segments are further drilled down at granular level to provide in-depth information on the global scenario. The report provides separate comprehensive analysis of the sleep apnea devices market by geography wherein annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2012 to 2017 for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (ROW). Exhaustive information on Competitive Landscape as in key players, market share of key players, major deals, latest product launches, approvals, expansions, profiles of major players has also been covered in this report. The report also provides in-depth information on market dynamics, recent developments, historical trend, drivers & barriers and future prospects for sleep apnea devices.


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