Glycomics Market Growing Applications and Private Funding for Proteomics

Glycomics is the study of the complement and all the aspects of sugar. It systematically analyzes all the aspects of sugar including physiologic, genetic, and pathologic in order to analyze the glycan structures. This analysis helps the researchers to understand the complexity of sugars and create pathways in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The global glycomics market is expected to witness sharp rise in terms of demand from around the world. This demand is mainly driven by the constant rise in the innovative technologies and tools used for this study along with the growing research and development activities from around the world. Rising investment opportunities across the emerging economies are also expected to drive the business in glycomics market during the next few years to come.

Segmentation in Glycobiology Market

The global market is segmented on the basis of the types of products, applications, end-users and demand from different geographic regions. Major application segments for the market are divided into drug discovery and development, oncology, diagnostics, immunology and other applications. Major end-user industries in the market include research and development bodies of governments, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and academic research institutes. The types of products in the market are divided into enzymes, kits, instruments and reagents. Following are the sub-segments of the products available in the Glycans market:

  • Instruments: Antibody arrays, Lectin arrays, HPLC, Mass spectrometry, MALDI-TOF & others
  • Enzymes: Glycosidases, Neuraminidases, Glycosyltransferases, Sialyltransferases & others
  • Reagents: Oligosaccharides, Glycoproteins, Monosaccharides & others
  • Kits: Glycan Release, purification, labeling and such other kits

Drivers, Restraints and Forecasts

According to the experts, the glycomics market is steadily driven by the substantial rise in the research and development activities. Increasing funding from government as well as private institutes are also creating growth opportunities for the existing players in the market. Growing importance of glycomics and proteomics research is driving the proteomics sector, which is expected to drive the demand in this industry as well. Increasing research and development expenditure form pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors is also expected to create demand for the market in the long run. Technological advancements, demand from developing countries and increasing use of personalized medicines are expected to be the major opportunities for the market.

As per the latest reports, the glyocmics market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of over 12% from 2014, which is expected to make the market worth $928.11 million by 2019. As of 2014, the global market is estimated to be worth $512.38 million. North America is expected to be the strongest player in the global market. Asia Pacific and such other developing regions on the other hand are expected to witness impressive growth in the years to come.