Hydrogen Market: An Exclusive Study on Upcoming Trends and Growth Opportunities

New Revenue Pockets:

The global hydrogen market is projected to reach USD 410.6 billion by 2030 from an estimated USD 242.7 billion in 2023, at a CAGR of 7.8% during the forecast period. The development of hydrogen infrastructure across various countries such as China, India, US, Germany etc. is fueling to the growth of hydrogen market.

Key Market Players:

The major players in the hydrogen market include Linde plc (Ireland), Air products and Chemicals, Inc. (US), Air Liquide (France), Worthington Industries (US), Cryolor (France), Hexagon Purus (Norway), NPROXX (Netherlands).

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This report segments the hydrogen market based on sector into generation type, storage and transportation. Gray hydrogen is expected to hold the largest share of the hydrogen market during the forecast period. The growth in the gray hydrogen market can be attributed to its low cost and the wide area of its application. However, demand for green hydrogen is on the rise due to the rising focus on the reduce green house gas emissions.

Based on transportation, the hydrogen market is bifurcated into long distance and short distance. Short distance is expected to be the fastest growing market during the forecast period. Long-distance hydrogen transportation is crucial to enabling its widespread adoption and use in many places that may lack local hydrogen manufacturing capabilities. Also, there are investments in new technologies for the long distance transportation. Recently, composite storage containers with capacity of 560-900 kg of hydrogen per trailer have been created. In other nations, such tube trailers are being utilized to distribute compressed natural gas.

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This report segments the hydrogen market based on application into four categories: energy, mobility, chemical & refinery and others. Chemical & refinery is expected to hold the largest market during forecaste period. Hydrogen is employed as a significant processing component in many hydrotreating processes in chemiacal & petroleum refineries, such as hydrodesulfurization, hydrodimerization, aromatization, and hydrocracking. Hydrogen is used in chemical & refineries to reduce the sulphur level of diesel fuel. In mobility, increasing initiatives by government in hydrogen cell based vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations.