IDOS Accounting Software – A Cloud-Based Financial & Reporting Software


IDOS is a cloud-based accounting, financial management, and reporting software. This financial platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, NGOs, and companies based on a franchise model. This package helps businesses prepare accurate financial statements and file taxes in a timely and accurate manner. It is built on a platform of disruptive financial architecture that empowers businesses to manage activities seamlessly on a day to day basis.

IDOS Accounting Software USP:

IDOS is a customizable software product and deployed in the cloud. It offers real-time, multi-location accounting without the need for dedicated hardware. The software harnesses all the technological capabilities available and passes on the facility to businesses of all sizes. Businesses don’t have to worry about their data anymore as disaster recovery, as well as data security, is handled via Microsoft Azure.

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IDOS Pricing:

IDOS Pricing is based on your business requirements, subscription to IDOS Pricing starts at per month.

IDOS Pricing Plans:

Standard: per month for 10 users
Cloud Deployment, online training, 24/7 support

IDOS Accounting Software Demo:

The Software provides a free demo to potential customers. Customers can take advantage of a free trial version before subscribing. It also provides email support to its users who require the same.

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Features of IDOS:

Automatic Accounting
 – Enables automated journal entry process. It Computes tax and creates invoices and receipts with the click of a button.

Internal Control Compliance – Functions such as expense approvals, supporting documents, etc. are automated and integrated into the accounting process.

Regulatory Compliance – Automatically applies TDS and deducts VAT/GST, etc. Generates GST compliant invoices automatically.

Business Reports – Built-in dashboards display reports to aid in the decision-making process. Data is retrieved from sources to populate Excel sheets for generating reports automatically to save time and costs.

Remote Supervision & Control – Helps traveling managers to supervise their branch/team remotely.

Multi-Branch/Project – Easy to manage individual accounts and projects in different locations. Reports are generated automatically – individual and consolidated, for easy decision making.

Artificial Intelligence – AI and machine learning technologies deliver high-performance for all business problems.

Role-Based Access – Easy to maintain the confidentiality of the information and restrict access.

Travel & Expense Claims – Reminders to staff to file their travel claims and required supporting documents.

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